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Brandon Romanek

Founder and CEO

Mr. Romanek led the formation of THC Therapeutics into a publicly traded company. THC Therapeutics is a real company with proven technology. The US Patent and Trademark office awarded a 20 year patent for the dHydronator®, A Sanitizing Cannabis Dryer capable of reducing drying time from days or weeks to 12-14 hours while destroying most contaminants.* Mr. Romanek is passionate about expanding the company in the Cannabis industry.

Mr. Romanek states, THC Therapeutics is seeking mergers and acquisitions of Cannabis and related businesses to grow the portfolio of assets that enhance our business. Mr. Romanek has over 20 years of experience managing a healthcare business and over 15 years experience of financial management, trading/investing of stocks, options and was a broker/dealer in the precious metals market. A significant part of Mr. Romanek’s net worth is held in physical Gold and Silver.

Mr. Romanek manages the department directors, budgets, financing, hiring and devises strategies for growth and expansion. He also oversees engagement with investors, public relations and compliance with any government regulations.

Enzo Villani

Member of the Board of Directors

Mr. Villani co-founded Nasdaq Global Corporate Solutions Group. In addition, Mr. Villani raised over $500 million in funding from strategic investors, private equity, venture capital, family offices and the public markets during his over twenty year career.

Joshua Halford

Business Development

Mr. Halford is responsible for developing and executing R&D, Mergers, Acquisitions, Partnerships, Marketing and Sales strategies for the Company. Joshua Halford has years of competitive startup experience in addition to serving as CTO for two publicly traded Cannabis companies. Mr. Halford states, I will develop THC Therapeutics’ brands and technologies into premium products and services. 

Mr. Halford brings a wide skill base to THC Therapeutics and is experienced in multimedia production, videography, photography, marketing, sales, graphic design, website development, programming, 3D printing, R&D, greenhouse management, negotiations and both public & private company management. He has directly lead the development of both national and international brands, applications and systems reaching as high as the United Nations.

Dr. John Pierce

Medical Director

Dr. John J. Pierce is the Medical Director of Ageless Forever. He is Board Certified in Emergency Medicine and is also Board Certified by the Anti-Aging and Regenerative Medicine. He received his medical training from Western University of Health Sciences, College of Osteopathic Medicine of the Pacific, located in Pomona California.

He also has a Bachelor of Science degree in Kinesiology from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. Dr. Pierce is an exercise enthusiast and has a lifetime of involvement as a competitive athlete, with special focus in weight training and nutrition. He also serves as a Tactical Physician with the Las Vegas SWAT team.
Dr. Pierce has been practicing medicine for almost 15 years, he has tremendous experience in the wellness industry ranging from nutritional supplements, herbs, Vitamin IV, anti-aging and is a foremost expert in hormone replacement therapy. Unlike many doctors, Pierce looks at medicine from a holistic standpoint. He understands that pharmaceuticals have their place in medicine, but agrees with THC Therapeutics that many issues can be solved with proper diet, nutrition, exercise and specialized therapies.
*Destroys most surface contaminants.